Here Are the Most Popular Materials for Workout Apparel News
Here Are the Most Popular Materials for Workout Apparel

Exercise apparel may vary depending on the activities you will be performing. If you want to bike, run, do yoga, or lift weights, you will want to wear snug but stretchy material that wicks away sweat as you move. If you want to go the sporty route and play football or basketball, you should opt for loose-fit clothing with breathable, flowy material. No matter which form of exercise you choose, you want to choose the proper clothing that will best suit the activity.

Continue reading to learn more about the most popular materials for workout apparel:



Nylon is exceptionally strong, relatively resistant to moisture, elastic, and easy to wash. This synthetic material is great for harm gym sessions due to its comfortability and durability. It is super flexible, so whether you are doing squats, box jumps, bench presses, or mountain climbers, nylon is dependable and will help make the workout a success!



Spandex is one of the most common workout materials of all time. It is also known as lycra or elastane, an invaluable fabric that has insane elasticity and flexibility All activewear made from this synthetic material is wrinkle-resistant as well. You typically will not see apparel fabric that is made from more than 15% spandex, even when it comes to compression and yoga apparel; Mainly because spandex-heavy fabrics do not let your skin breathe well.



Commonly referred to as the workhorse of workout attire, polyester is durable, breathable, wrinkle-resistant, non-absorbent, and lightweight. What’s unique about this synthetic fiber is its ability to protect users from harmful UV rays due to its tightly woven structure. Polyester is one of the post popular textiles because it can be dyed different colors.



Cotton is a natural fiber, unlike the 3 mentioned above. This material has been used for a variety of items since the prehistoric times. When this material is extracted, all of the cotton plant is used so there is no waste involved. It is a soft, fluffy fiber and should be blended with other fibers so that is less absorbent. Otherwise, you can feel like a wet dishrag during a high-intensity exercise. 



Bamboo is another natural fiber commonly used for workout apparel because it is soft yet moisture-wicking. It has anti-static abilities so you do not have to worry about it sticking to your body while working out. Like polyester, bamboo can combat UV rays when you perform an outdoor workout. It is great for challenging exercises because it regulates your temperature, as well as odors.


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