Benefits of Using Resistance Bands During Your Workout News
Benefits of Using Resistance Bands During Your Workout
March 20, 2021

There’s nothing more rewarding than a challenging workout. Pushing yourself to new limits and reaching personal bests are two of the best ways to conquer your aspirations. We know life can be busy, and responsibilities can get in the way of your workout goals. However, you don’t need to go to the gym every day to get that workout in. 

You can exercise in your home, backyard, or neighborhood if a trip to the gym isn’t possible. If you don’t have machines, weights, or other heavy equipment, don’t worry — all you need are some resistance bands. Continue reading to learn more about them and their benefits:


Improves Strength & Athletic Performance

There are several types of resistance bands to choose from. We are going to focus on one of the most common types, which are the circle bands (also known as loops). These mini bands are made with non-slip fabric for added comfort and stability. They are great for increasing strength and athletic performance in your lower body. If you place resistance bands just above the knees or even at your ankles, you can activate those hips, legs, and glutes.

When you use resistance bands, your muscles are under constant tension, so the quality of each rep is significantly enhanced. Your muscles work harder with these bands than exercises with a dumbbell, so this is the key to getting stronger!


Promotes Better Form

When you use resistance bands, you have greater control over the angle at which you exercise. If you realize that traditional workouts put you in uncomfortable positions, this alternative equipment can help you target the same muscles but with more ease.

The amazing thing about these bands is that each rep uses the same amount of tension, so you’re guaranteed to see results after consistent use. You may notice that with traditional weights you use momentum to squeeze out the last few reps, but the bands make sure you’re working just as hard the whole way through. Circle bands also provide low impact on joints, so your risk of injury is limited with proper form. Get ready to tone your booty and legs while boosting your endurance!


Resistance Bands from 2one2 Apparel 

Now, you may be wondering… where do I get some durable resistance bands that will give me the perfect booty I’ve always dreamed of?! Well, look no further. 2one2 Apparel offers a 3-Piece Set of Resistance Bands so you can go from a beginner to an athlete in no time! Shape, sculpt, lift and tone your lower body with our heavy duty, versatile circle bands.

They are easy to use anywhere and anytime so you can conquer your squats, leg presses, thrusts, and more! Our bands are made from a combination of fabric and latex, and the inner non-slip grip design ensures the band stays in place and does not roll up or pinch during exercise. The bands are at least 200 pounds in resistance. Start with the largest band, and work your way up to using the smaller bands as you progress!