3 Must-Have Outfit Accessories for Your Next Workout News
3 Must-Have Outfit Accessories for Your Next Workout


Since we are living amidst a global pandemic, many of us have changed the way we work out. Rather than sharing treadmills, bikes, and weights at a public gym, many have taken to the outdoors to get their exercise on in solidarity. No matter where you decide to work out, it’s important that you wear the attire for your next gym session. If you strive to become the most fit, healthy version of yourself this year, try adding these 4 must-have outfit accessories to your routine:


When you work out, you want to wear breathable, stretchy clothing so that you can move freely without any restraints. Probably the most favorable workout attire on the market, leggings are always there when you need them most. When you want to do some squats, run for miles, or practice yoga, leggings are truly the best accessory. They are perfect for any sport, whether you’re running, climbing, or dancing! They support and stabilize your muscles while you train, absorbing some of the strain as your squeeze your muscles.

Our BBL Leggings at 2one2 Apparel are made with a high compression fit, making them perfect for reducing muscle fatigue and strain before, during, and after workouts. These leggings increase blood flow and muscle oxygenation, which speeds up muscle repair and recovery. There’s no doubt that you’ll be enhancing your performance while being comfortable at the same time. 

The unique scrunch on the backside allows your butt to look more defined, tight, and perky. And, we even have a “V” shape in the waistband that creates the illusion of a smaller waist and rounder booty. So, not only do you feel good during your workout, but you look EVEN BETTER.


Lift Me Shorts

When you want to let your legs breathe, shorts are the next best option for exercise attire. It’s essential that your shorts fit appropriately to benefit from the freedom of movement and comfort that they offer. You can feel more comfortable in strenuous situations when less clothes are sticking to your body. During the hotter months of the year, shorts can surely come to the rescue.

Over at 2one2 Apparel, we offer cute and comfortable push-up, high-waisted shorts so that you can feel sexy and feminine during exercise. Our mini, slim, yoga-styled ‘Lift Me Shorts’ are designed to be casual and breathable, so that you can show off some leg while also feeling fantastic.

Sports Bras

If you’ve ever run without a sports bra on, I’m sure you understand why these are absolutely vital for your next workout. Sports bras give you room to move, but also keep everything in the place so that you remain comfortable during back bends, box jumps, running, and more. When searching for a sturdy sports bra, you want to make sure the band fits snug around your rib cage, and that the breast cups fit appropriately. Spandex sports bras are ideal because they provide elasticity and support.

When it comes to the straps and design, these can vary tremendously. Our Spider Sports Bra is premium seamless active wear with removable performance pads, and features a spider-strapped back. It is made of four-way stretch space dye fabric with a second-skin fit. This sports bra is great for exercise due to its sweat-wrinkling fabric that provides a smooth, low-friction performance during each use.

No matter what design you choose, it’s most important that the quality of the materials is reliable. Spandex and nylon are durable, breathable materials that will make any workout an enjoyable experience.

Check out 2one2 Apparel’s collection of Athletic Leisure Wear now to find something that will enhance your next workout, but is also great for lounging around the house on your rest days.