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Child Communicator Mask



Children’s Communicator Mask (Adjustable) 

The Communicator mask with a clear view!!!!!!

includes one reusable mask only 

Tired of repeating yourself or just need to see someone’s mouth while communicating?  Well this mask is perfect. 

Lip view clear reusable mask. Anti Fog, perfect for the deaf or heard of hearing.  Read lips with no problem.  Reusable up to 10 times. 

Easy cleaning for reuse.  Clear part must be wiped with water only when cleaning. Do not use alcohol to wipe the clear film.  Only water.  Any other product can  effect the anti fog protection.  You can clean the mask with 80-100c HOT WATER. 

  • Anti Fog 
  • Reusable/ washable up to 10 times. 
  • Clear lip view ( Great for communication)
  • washable using Hot water only on clear mask
  • Adjustable